Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Sometimes as an artist, I find inspiration to be elusive... sometimes it becomes just a matter of being still and listening for a while, and reminding myself, that I don't always have to create.  Working in mixed metals is a very different process for me... a longer process with many intricate details to attend to before the finished piece is ready for viewing.  I remind myself to be "in" the process and to enjoy the ride, and I would offer that it makes a big difference in the quality, look and feel of the finished piece.  The "piece" I create, whatever it is... is given much attention... the same attention to detail that you enjoy in my beaded work.  I hope you will continue to follow, and to feel inspired by what you see. 

My work can be found at Liz-Beth Gallery, 9211 Park West Boulevard, Knoxville, TN, or you can visit with me in my studio to create something special & unique just for you or your loved one.  Call now!  865.360.3007. 

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