Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Earthy Treasures

In order to create natural, earthy treasures, one must only look outside these days to find inspiration.  And so it is with my work... a few moments watching the soft yellows/browns/oranges/reds & greens sway softly in the wind, and kissed by the sun, and I find myself eager to begin the process of creating once again! 

I have spent a few days in this state, sawing, hammering, soldering, cleaning & polishing...  and the results are spectacular...if I do say so myself! 

I've given a few sneak previews, but there is NOTHING like seeing my new line of mixed metal earrings in person!  Now... if you know me, you know all pieces are originals.  Some of these earrings will be available for reproducing so that you can order them for Christmas!

Come visit with me at Liz Beth Gallery, this Friday night, for their 20th Anniversary Party!  So much to feast your eyes and heart on... from many artists who are inspired, and capture the beauty that surrounds us in so many ways!  Park West Boulevard, Knoxville, TN from  5-9pm.  As always, I am available for consultations.

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