Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Celebrating togetherness by
giving a gift that is heartfelt
 and personal, is an act that inspires both the giver and receiver.

Think back to the beginning, how you both felt when you were together.  Every day seemed fresh and alive!  The promise of love, tender moments, the exhiliarating energy, a heart fully open.   The excitement of a new life together! 

For Valentines Day,  indulge her senses with a gift that lets her feel, well, much like those first years!  Special, unique, honored... are a few of the words you might hear back from her, when you choose a gift that will put a sparkle in her eyes, and on her neck.  Inspire Romance!  Visit (Purchase through ETSY on Contact Page).  Can't find the time?  Email me at and I will come to you with a lovely selection to choose from!  Also available at LizBeth Gallery, Park West Boulevard.  CELEBRATE YOUR LOVE with SOMETHING UNIQUE and PERSONAL THIS YEAR!

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