Tuesday, December 15, 2009


When you are considering the purchase of jewelry for your loved ones—or perhaps even yourself—by choosing the services of a jewelry designer you are making the  gift especially unique!  A custom piece is always appropriate as a gift!  

AND ... there are some important things to look for:

Many designers incorporate unique items into  their creations as a way to ensure their jewelry is completely original, such  as multiple metals (sterling/Gold Filled/Vermiel), pearls, diamonds, found objects,  or other fine gemstones that give pieces a more contemporary feel.

When choosing an artisan piece that is already made, don't just be wooed by the color or the look, inspect the piece for the finishing details!  If a piece is made with gemstones, check to see that if the material it is strung on breaks, you won't lose all those delicate beauties! 

If it's all metal, check for a 925, 99.9, GF or 14K stamp.  If it's not, you could be purchasing a metal that could have lead or irritating composition. 

How is the piece finished?  Are rings and joints soldered to ensure that your piece is truly well made?

If the cost seems high, it might just be, that the Artisan has a special technique or it is more labor intensive...  this is what sets them apart from the rest.  Most artisans who create this way, do it because they believe that if it's worth doing, it's worth doing well.  And, it ensures that this designer cared enough to create a quality piece!
Most designers, already have an array of unique pieces to choose from, but if you want something especially unique, you can sit with the designer and discuss which stones and metals you and your loved one like, and how large or detailed you want the piece. You want the designer to create a beautiful piece of jewelry, and you want to make sure the piece is well made, and the look is classic enough to be worn for many years to come.
There are many designers to choose from these days.  Every one of them has something unique to offer.  Giving a  gift handmade by an Artisan, says you or the one you love, are unique, original and beautiful, and that you took the "time" to choose this gift for yourself or the one you love.   It doesn't get better than that!

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