Sunday, November 29, 2009


      I've recently spent some time, looking through catalogs, and browsing on line and in stores, just to see what is available in the way of jewelry, and to see where I fit in to the bigger picture of the jewelry world. 

     What I find, more and more, is either costume jewelry, where the metals are "unknown" and the baubles are cheap, or the total opposite, top of the line and very expensive. 

There IS another option!

     The one area, where folks can look, but are often uneducated about, are local Artisans, creators of quality and affordable jewelry.  Jewelry that most artisans take great pride in! 

There ARE important things to look for when purchasing local Artisan Jewelry... 

~Sterling Silver or Gold Filled findings (look for Stamp)

~Quality craftmanship/workmanship 
*Look for beads that are not just strung loosely, as if the necklace were to break, beads will be lost.   ***This is where my work is  a stellar option as I hand-knot between each  bead!  And, if it's chain, it's soldered for a permanent quality piece!

~Purchase from a local artist who you know lives in your       town, and be sure to get their card and complete contact  information.  (For more pieces or repair in future)

~Look for unique & original designs hand created by the Artisan (well labeled) 

~Complete Care Instructions

~Pieces that are handcrafted by the artist  vs  "Made in.....other countries"

     There are many ways in which we set ourselves apart, in our personal lives, as well as in our businesses. In sharing with the world, what our special gifts are, we have an opportunity to leave our "mark" on each other and our world.   Allow me to leave my mark on your world! 

     Call  now for your special Christmas purchases!   Guaranteed a  quality, affordable option to your jewelry needs!

     Be sure you visit me on Facebook on my new Fan Page for dozens of pictures of designs from 2009!  Visit often for updated pictures!

     You can also purchase  my work at Liz-Beth Gallery, or shop on line at ETSY under JylWalker1. 

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