Saturday, September 18, 2010


This week, the week of my birthday, has been one of reflection, respect and renewal. After spending the first part of the week reflecting, sharing with friends, and generally taking stock of the last 50+ years, It came to me, that there are 3 things that have been very important learnings.

(1) Take time to reflect: If there is one cell in your body that is brewing "CaCa", then use your best resources to clear yourself of them! Several of my friends have been sharing about self doubt and self sabotage this week. If you will rid yourself of the "brew", then you become more open, self-loving, self-respecting and confident. Is it easy? Well, at first ... no. But when you find a combination that works for you, go for it with gusto! Don't let anything hold you back from being all you want to be and all you already are!

(2) Share with friends who are willing to stand in with you and see the best in you. I have several friends who are wonderful at coaching and standing in with me as I take this journey... some just share a morning with me and tell me what they see and help me see the best in me.

And (3) Respect yourself, your place in life, your gifts. The more you are wiling to clear, the more open you are and the more of who you are is shared with the world. 10 years ago, if you had said I would be creating beautiful jewelry, I would have doubted you severely. Because I sought out support to change that negativity within myself, I am tapping in to my creativity in amazing ways! When others say what they see, I am grateful to the bones for being willing and able to listen and move into love, gratitude, and creativity.

I wish you well, and if you would like some suggestions for women who are wonderful at standing in with you to support you to do your work around this, email me at and I will share their names with you! All of them are coaches, but each has a special area of expertise!

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