Friday, October 23, 2009


So much of how we see gemstones today, are based on the Zodiac Signs, and yet, there is an ancient history that is rich and varied.  The one constant, is that there seems to always have been a sentiment attached to these natural beauties of the earth. 

Sentiment, should not be neglected.  Sentiment... true sentiment, is one of the best things in human nature.  When life is darkened by fear... if  illumined by hope, it gives to humanity a brighter forecast of the future.  An optimism that helps people over difficult passages in their lives. 

Giving a gift that is lovingly handcrafted by a local artist, illuminates our creativity, and sparks delight, and rich sentiment in the receiver.

This year, I hope you'll look to those of us who work with our hands, creating something from nothing, blending the beauty of the natural world in a way that speaks to the beauty of your life and your relationships.     I can be found... in my studio, 865.693.1469, at Liz-Beth Gallery, White Orchid Bridal and through The Brides Lounge.           

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